Mixed media

America the Gift Shop


America the Gift Shop

If American foreign policy had a souvenir shop, what would it sell?

AMERICA THE GIFT SHOP is an installation project that reflects the foreign policy of 
the Bush/Cheney years through the fun-house mirror of American commerce.

My palette is the vernacular of retail tourism. I designed and created Bobble head figurines, snow globes, postcards. T-shirts, neon signs, and chocolate bars. They have a familiar intimacy. And that’s why they make perfect vehicles to shock, disturb, and remind. Once the sugar coating of the ordinary dissolves, we are left with the grim truth about where America has been, and what it does.

At the end of a trip, we buy a souvenir to remind ourselves of the experience. What do we have to remind us of the events of the Bush/Cheney regime? And who will be held accountable for what has unfolded?.

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